Devon Zuegel on London

Another apt description of London Town:

I came in with low expectations, expecting a drab, grey metropolis congested with traffic and filled with suited financiers scurrying from place to place. What I found was an agglomeration of charming urban villages, each with their own specific flavor. They were pedestrian-friendly, spotted with parks, and draped with trees, and the people-watching was great.

This is my go to analogy to explain the city, think of it as a patchwork of villages that mesh together and you'll have a better time understanding why the transport behaves as it does, and how differing areas have different atmospheres.

It's worth mentioning that (a) I primarily stayed on the north end of the river and (b) the weather was unusually sunny and warm for late October. In other words, I doubt I got a representative snapshot of London. Nevertheless, my brief exploration of London may have been my favorite city walk I've done.

This line made me giggle. If you are visiting London, stay north of the river. There's VERY little south of it of interest, historical or cultural. South Londoners who differ, y'all can fight me.

Bash scripting cheatsheet


Vases and mace heads

In a bit of serendipity, the curators realised during research for the show that an object they had long assumed was a vase had actually been displayed upside down. They now understand that it is actually the head of a fired-clay mace, or heavy club, made for King Gishakidu of Umma.

As part of an exhibition on humanities inability to exist within agreed territories.

Nihon Noir

Each building required hours of exploration to find the perfect vantage point whether it be from a rooftop, stairwell or road workers crane lift I commandeered to capture the Nagakin from an otherwise impossible perspective. Though these buildings are from the past (most from 1970-1999) they appear as if they have appeared from the distant future. My intention is for the viewer to ask not “where” they were taken but “when”.

Unique view on a city, reminds me of the TDR 3D>2D piece.

Secrets of smooth Béziers revealed

I haven’t posted here much lately, and I admit, it’s because I’ve gotten sidetracked thinking about curves again. I did my PhD thesis on curves, so spent years thinking about them, then put that on hold for a while, aside from some work in crunching font file sizes down.

From the maker of Spiro. This guy is legit the new Bézier. I've used Spiro and once you get your head around it's mental model of a curve, you don't want to go back to wrestling with béziers. Unless you are sightly masochistic.

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Devon Zuegel on London

Bash scripting cheatsheet

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